The End



Hi All! First of all we would like to apologize for not telling you this earlier, but as many of you probably have guessed, we've decided to quit the band. Last summer we decided to take a break, and during this last year we all got different focus. It didn't feel right to continue with the band since it wasn't the number one priority, so we decided to not start again. We would like to thank all of you who followed our carrier and supported us! We're so happy that so many of you enjoyed what we did! We had the time of our lives because of you! Thank you! Until next time... //Lamont

Back on Track



Sorry that we haven't updated our homepage in a while, but we decided to take a calmer period during the late spring and summer. But now we've charged our batteries, gathered a lot of inspiration and are as hungry as ever! The plan for the near future is to go back in the studio and make new songs for a coming album. We have no clue when we'll be ready to release it, but we hope that you don't need to wait too long!


New Video



Here's our brand new video for the song '45 Minutes'. As you can see it's definitely the hardest thing we've ever done as a band (try running as fast as you can for three and a half minute and you'll see ow hard it is!). But we're very happy with the result and our collapsed lungs!

Watch the video here!

Interview with Kristofer



Here's a swedish interview with Kristofer about our tour ahead. See you soon!

Read it here!

Eskobar <3 Lamont = true



The 19th and 20th of April Lamont will support Eskobar in Århus and Copenhagen, Denmark. Check out the tour-section for more info. See you!

Gothenburg re-scheduled



Lamont is back on track, ready and excited for the gigs in spring. And we are happy to say that we have re-scheduled a show in Göteborg. The show takes place the 26th of April. More info on our gigs in the tour-section. Kyss

Gothenburg Canceled!



We're terribly sorry to say that we have to cancel the show in Gothenburg this weekend because of illness in the band. It was a hard decision but we had to make it. For all of you who already bought a ticket go to for more info about the refund. We promise to come back to Gothenburg soon again! /Lamont

Our first Street Team



We are very happy to say that we now have our first street team with 11 members that will help us spreading the word! They will work in Finland and if you want to join them, contact them on their forum.

Here's the link to the forum!

Back to Finland



We're glad to say that two more shows now are booked in Finland. Watch the tour section to see where and when!

We're on TV



This friday we're playing two songs live on Kanal Lokal at 18:00 on the program 'Skåne Direkt'. Unfortunately, since it's a local channel I guess that you have to live in Skåne to se it!

Kristofer on swedish TV on tuesday



This tuesday, the 22rd of january, Kristofer will appear on 'Hasses Brorsas Låtsassyrras Kompis' on SVT1 at 19.00. It's a great talk-show for teenagers where Kristofer gets personal.

If you miss it you can watch it here later on!

David live from Buenos Aires



David is in Argentina. The 28th of January 18.30 hrs Argentinian time (sweden is 3 more hours so it would be 21.30 hrs swedish time), there will be a special Lamont program on RADIO INDIE POP in Argentina, with David live in the studio from Buenos Aires. You can tune it in by clicking here!

Kristofer and Mr. Hank Dj's tonight



Tonight Kristofer and Mr. Hank is DJ-ing on Debaser, Malmö, between 21-03! Grab a friend, grab a beer and join the dance!
See you!

Thank You for 2007, see you in 2008



Thank you all for supporting us this year! A lot of things have happened, and we are so happy and proud that we have released our album, and that so many of you have downloaded it, bought it, and liked it. And thanks to all of you that have showed up on our concerts singing along and dancing! Now we take a few weeks off and celebrate New Years'. If 2007 was great, 2008 will be amazing! Read a review of the Växjö-showhere!

50 tickets available if you are 18 or 19



When we play on X-mas day (the 25th of december for you who don't know when Xmas day is) on Debaser in Malmö, the age limit is 20 years. But if you are 18 or 19 years old you can click this link and buy an exklusive ticket that will get you in!

Hurry, there are only 50 tickets for sale!

The campaign code you should write is: Lamont071225

See you soon!

Vote for Lamont video on Grand Prix



Click this link and help lamont climbing the chart on Grand Prix by voting on lamont´s video The Golden Daze!! Click here!

Grand Prix on SVT 1 Tonight



Tonight at 19.05 we will appear on the popular TV show Grand Prix on SVT 1 and play our song 'The Golden Daze' live.

Don't forget to vote for the video later!

And you don't have to be sad if you miss it, cause you'll be able to watch it later by pressing here!

Lamont keeps spreading all over Latin America



After doing several interviews and having radio rotation on different radio stations in Argentina and Mexico Lamont has now landed in Brazil.

Latin Americas biggest News Network GLOBO has interviewed Lamont about 'The Golden Daze'. Read the article here! (in portuguese)

Radio, interview etc.



First of all! Thanks to all of you who have wished to hear our song on Radio Prime, now they play it and tomorrow, friday, Kristofer will be interviewed at 10 a.m.
So if you wish to hear Lamont on radio you will hear it!

Speaking of that, Swedish Radio P3 has decided to start playing our song 'Star On My Radio'!

You can read a great interview with Lamont here on! (in swedish)

And finally, today Lamont was interviewed and played live at Dygnet Runt's TV show on Kanal Lokal Skåne. It will rerun tonight, friday and saturday. Don't know what time. Or you can soon watch it on

See you soon!

Over 100.000 downloads in one day!!!



During the first 24 hours that The Pirate Bay supported us on their site, over 100.000 people have downloaded our entire album! And over 60.000 people have watched our video to 'The Golden Daze'...on the first day! That's crazy!

The world, here we come! (For you swedes: Tonight we talk about this on Rapport 19.30 and Nöjesnytt SVT24 21.50!)

The Golden Daze is released!



Today the Golden Daze is released! And we say thank you to all of you who showed up on Folk&Rock and supported us today!

Here is some more press links from the last two days (all articles and interviews in Swedish):

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon-The Golden Daze-Live
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon-Take a Bow-Live
Interview with Kristofer and Kristina on TV4
DN article
P3 Populär (The 3rd hour, 14 minutes into the clip)
Review of the album in Sydsvenskan

And don't miss to see the big Lamont-campaign on The Pirate Bay!!!

Lamont is everywhere



Today Lamont had the front page in Sydsvenskan, and Kristofer attended this morning TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Öresund. Click on the links below to watch the clip and read the article!

Watch Kristofer on TV4 Öresund
The article in Sydsvenskan

On wednesday morning the 31st, Lamont will play to songs live at Nyhetsmorgon TV4. And at 12.00 on thursday the 1st of November, Lamont will be on P3 Populär. Don't miss! And hope to see you on Folk & Rock!

More TV...



Here's one more interview from SVT from last week. The clip has been in three different programs; Sydnytt, Nöjesnytt and Landet Runt.

Watch the clip!

Watch Kristofer on TV



Yesterday, wednesday, Kristofer attened the talk show Eftersnack on SVT2. If you missed it you can watch the clip here by clicking the link below. Or you can see the re-run today at 16.55 on SVT Syd.

Watch the clip

Don't miss to read Metro today!

Lamont on TV tonight



Tonight at 19.10 at Sydnytt and 21.50 at SVT24 Nöjesnytt on SVT you can watch Lamont from their rehearsing room and an interview! Tomorrow Kristofer will be the guest at the SVT Syd talk show Eftersnack around 22.30! Stay tuned!

The Golden Daze video released!



Our new video is released and you can download it from the download section, or you can view it on YouTube

Hope you like it!

Win tickets to the Release Party



On MusicSpot you can win a ticket to the party for you and a friend! Just click the link below, log in and answer two guestions. There is no better way to surprise your best friend!

Click Here

And don't hesitate to pre-order the album while you're on the site!

Release Party + "Live by the Party"



For a cost of 895 SEK you can book a double room at the luxurious hotel Mayfair Hotel in the same building as the party from saturday 'til sunday. If you are interested in that, send an email to!

Lamont on TV



In the next months you will not only see Lamont on the roads touring (Tour dates will come very soon) but also on a lot of swedish TV shows! We will appear on
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (Oct 31st),
SVT Grand Prix (Nov 27th) where we will be the guests, talking, playing live and showing our coming video. We will also appear on
SVT Nöjesnytt,
SVT Eftersnack (Oct 24th),
Kanal Lokal Skåne (Nov 1st)
and on TV4 Malmöhus!

More updates soon!




We just got the great news that we're 'El tema elegido de la semana' on one of Argentinas biggest radio stations! For you who don't speak spanish it means that our song is on high rotation as "the favourite song of the week" next week. Check out the station on:

Trouble with the pre-order function



We've noticed that many of you who wanted to pre-order the album have had problems with the web shop. But now it should work again so give it a new try and please send us a message if there are any more problems.

Release Party and Release Gig!



On the big day of our release, November the 1st, we will do an in store show at the record store Folk å Rock in Malmö! (see 'Tour') And ten days later, November the 10th, we will hit it big with a great release party in Malmö. More info about the party soon!

New Single and New Website



We are very proud to present not only our new single The Golden Daze, but also (as you probably can see) a brand new website! Take a minute to browse the site and check out our new stuff, and most important of all, don´t forget to download The Golden Daze from the Download-section! We´ll soon get back with new tour dates and hopefully some spectacular news! In the meantime, enjoy our new single!

Lamont supports The Ark!



Friday the 31st of August, Lamont will support The Ark in Norrköping! We are very glad that The Ark, though they don't actually need any support, chose us to do it! This will be an opportunity for you to get a sneak preview of what's coming after we've released our album. We will play some of the new songs, new clothes and a new show! Don't miss! You can buy tickets at

In the Studio!



Now we've finally started the recordings of our album and it's going great so far! Together with our producer Oskar Humlebo (a.k.a Moto Boy - we're going to make a fantastic record. And on our blog section, we'll put up some photos from the studio and perhaps some videoclips. So check it out once in a while in the near future!

Our debut album!



We are very proud to say that finally we are going to release our debut album in October! We will record it this summer. It will be a great mixture of some old songs you've heard before, some old songs you have never heard, and of course brand new Lamont songs! We really look forward to give you new Lamont songs to listen to... And we will hit the road in the late fall of 2007. Stay tuned and see you soon!



The 1st of September Lamont, together with one of the founders of The Pirate Bay will write history with the launch of a brand new music site; We will pay artists for free downloads! It's becoming big! Already now international press such as LA Times, Wired Magazine has written about it and many many scandinavian magazines are hyping it as the next big thing! Stay tuned!!!

Big news to come...



Today Kristofer was interviewed by swedish radio P3 Populär about a new big and exciting project that is about to be released the 1st of September; Have a peek by listening to the clip at and click your way to P3 Populär and then 23 minutes into the third clip of today! Or see! More info will come soon!!!

New Lamont Blog



Lamont introduces a new blog!
This section of the site will contain stories about Lamont that didn´t make it to the news-section. The idea is to continously publish stories, diaries, pictures and videos about the life of Lamont.

Kristofer in the DJ booth at KB



Saturday the 10th of march, Kristofer will play his favourite dance songs on the big floor at KB in Malmö! Bring your friends and hit the dancefloor! See you!

Lamont Movie



As some of you perhaps noticed in Germany, we had a crew that was filming us during the mini tour. They now have several hours of intimate Lamont stuff on tape and when they're ready with the cutting and mixing, they'll share everything with you! You can already watch a small sneak peek of when Mr Hank is angry on the whole world because he twisted his ankle. Check it out here:

More Shows



Now we're home after our incredible mini tour in Germany. It was amazing to see that so many of you came to watch our shows! We really hope to be back soon again. And while we were down in germany, we finalized two more swedish bookings. We're happy announce that we're going to play at Landet in Stockholm and in Strandfestivalen in Oskarshamn. Check our live section for more info.

Summer festivals!



Now our first festival gig this summer is booked! We'll appear at the Siesta Festival in Hässleholm among great bands such as Melody Club, The Plan and Promoe. Check out our live section once in a while to update yourself for more festival-gigs!

Happy New Year!



We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you more than 600 elegantly and well dressed guests, who came to our party and helped us making New Years Eve an unforgettable and fabulous night! Since we're so happy with the concept we're thinking of making it again some time, so keep your eyes open for more elegance-parties! More elegance to the people!!

Ej hunnit köpa biljett?!



Om du missat att köpa biljett till Elegance & Discodance på någon av våra förköpsställen; Rundgång på Kristiandstadsgatan och Radical Sports på Södergatan. (De stänger lördag kl. 16.00) Så har du en sista chans att köpa biljett på Nyårsafton mellan kl. 15.00-16.00 vid Moriskans entré. (120 kr, tacksamma för jämna pengar)! Vi ses!

Lamont video on ZTV in Norway etc...



The 'Rather Do It'-video is now played on ZTV in Norway, and on! Check out the live-section for new gigs in Germany! (More to come) See you on New Years!

Lamont is hosting a great party on New Years Eve!!!



Under the theme 'Elegance and Discodance' Lamont's hosting the greatest party this year on New Years Eve at 'Moriskan' in Malmö Folkets Park!

There will be a lot of happenings during the night, amongst other things Lamont will play a few songs and a lot of great DJ's will play Elegance and Discodance-music all the night!

You can buy tickets in the shop-section here on or at Radical Sports on Södergatan, Malmö, or in the record store 'Rundgång' on Kristiandstadsgatan! The cost is only 120 SEK (18$)!

Buy it now!!! 'cause the edition is limited! (only a FEW tickets is available in the door for 150 SEK)

The doors open at 21.00 and closes at 03.00.

This is the party to appear on! Don't miss it!

See you on the dancefloor!

(You have to be 18 or older)

Lamont on ZTV!



This monday the Swedish music TV-channel ZTV starts to air the 'Rather Do It'-video! The first week Lamont is "Veckans Färskingar". So tune in and watch, vote and enjoy!

BIG NEWS!!! Lamont, the new face of!



The world-wide-known loves Lamont and our way of releasing music and supports us by changing their logo (!!!) to a Lamont version on their site! So the 'Rather Do It'-video will reach the whole world! This is BIG! So come on, support Lamont by download the torrent for the video! NOW!

Rather Do It video released!



Now you can download our latest video from the download section, or you can watch it on
Check it out and give us your comment in the guestbook!

Lamont on P3's playlist!



This saturday, it's the premiere for 'Rather Do It' on P3's playlist. In other words, every no and then when you turn on the radio, you'll hear Lamont!

Watch the clip from TV4



Here is the link to the clip where Kristofer appears on Nyhetsmorgon!

Lamont on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon!



Tomorrow morning Kristofer will appear on the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and discuss our distribution method in a debate with Peter Swartling about illeagal downloading. Watch it at 06:45. We will of course post a link later for you who won't be able to se it!

Lamont at the Rookie Festival!



We're very proud to announce that Lamont has been choosen to play at the Rookie Festival in Hultsfred, a festival for the most promising acts in Sweden. This together with more well known acts such as Backyard Babies and Lisa Miskovsky. The festival is the 27th and 28th of October. Lamont plays on Saturday night, the 28th! See you!!! Read more at:

Time for Höllviken!



Now it's time for you to get your cute asses to Höllviken to see our show at the Millennium! It's going to be a hell of a party with some DJ:ing from us as well! Age limit:18 and it closes 03:00 am. The best and cheapest way to get to Höllviken and back is by bus and you can check out the timetable here:

Listen to the clip!



On this link you can listen to the radio show and the interview on the Swedish Radio P3. It starts about 12 minutes into the clip. You have to have RealPlayer installed on your computer to listen to the clip. Download RealPlayer on The Radio clip is of course in swedish and here's the (very long) link:

Lamont on Swedish radio P3



Thursday 28th of September "Rather Do It" will be played at P3´s Musikjournalen sometime between 20.00 and 21.00. Kristofer will talk about the release.

Go to and click "Lyssna" and then "P3".

So tune in and enjoy Lamont´s first appearance on national radio!

Watch Lamont on TV4



You don't have to be sad if you missed Lamont on TV4 this morning, because here is a link to the clip! Just wait 45 seconds and then she starts to talk about us! The Link:

Lamont on TV4!



Tomorrow morning we will appear on the morning news on TV4 Öresund! Watch it 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30 am. And at 9:15 am Kristofer will be interviewed and discuss our different way of releasing the single. Please note that you only can see this on TV4 Öresund and if you live in other parts of Sweden you probably will be able to watch it on

Lamont in Sydsvenskan



Another major swedish magazine writes about Lamont and our single 'Rather Do It'! Buy the cover in the online shop, and get it the 25th!

Lamont in Kvällsposten!



Yesterday we had a half page article in Kvällsposten, one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden, about our single release and our new way of releasing it.
Read more here (in swedish though):

Welcome to our new website!



Finally we have a new website, and it's in english! More updates will come soon! The 25th of september our new single 'Rather Do It' will be released here on! But if you want you can already now order the cover and CD in our online shop! Enjoy!!!

Ny singel!



Den 15 maj går Lamont in i studion för att spela in en singel, som kommer följas av tillhörande video! Som producent agerar Ola Salo och Jens Andersson! Mer info snart!

Spelning på kåren flyttad!



OBS! Lamonts spelning på kåren i Malmö är flyttad från den 26/4 till den 24/5!!! Så hoppas att vi ses i Maj i stället när Malmös kår firar 5 år!

Alla välkomna till kåren!



Det går numera att köpa ett tillfälligt gästleg om man vill komma till Kårhuset den 26/4! Besök kårexpen på Norra Neptunigatan 5 i Malmö, eller ring: 040-6657565 så får ni mer information! Vi ses!

Lamont firar Malmös kårhus!



Onsdagen den 26/4 bjuds det på stor fest på Kåren i Malmö. Malmö Högskolas kårhus fyller 5 år. Självklart är det då Lamont som står för underhållningen och som tänker göra kvällen till nåt utöver det vanliga. Studentleg. krävs! Vi ses!

Lamont spelar på Stereo Explosions fest!



Nu är det dags för ny spelning i Malmö. På skärtorsdagen den 13/4, blir detta i form av en helkväll på Jeriko. Stereo Explosion, med medlemmar från The Ark, tänker slå på stort med årets fest. Medan S.E spelar skivor, så är det då självklart Lamont som står för live-underhållningen! Vi ses!

Lamont på



Nu finns Lamont även på! Tveka inte att kolla in den sidan och lägg till Lamont som din vän på!

Äntligen Lamont Live!



Fredagen den 3:e februari står Lamont på scenen igen! Efter en lång höst med inspelningar, låtskrivande och repande börjar vi 2006 års spelningar med en på anrika Bodoni på Bergsgatan i Malmö. Detta tillsammans med det eminenta Violet Elegy! Vi ses!(

Ny musik uppe på hemsidan!



Nu finns två smakprov från den nyinspelade EP'n tillgängliga under rubriken Media; "Count to Three" och "Serendipity". Ladda ner, lyssna, dansa och njut!




Under rubriken Media finns nu ett gäng livebilder att avnjuta. Inom kort bjuds det också på smakprov från nya EP´n!

Lamont på KB



På kort varsel ersätter Lamont Laleh på KB i Malmö fredagen den 27/5. Missa inte detta! Från kl. 21.00...

Lamont släpper EP



Det är nu klart att Lamont släpper en EP efter sommaren. Under juni månad spelas de sista alstren in med hjälp av The Arks keyboardist och producent Jens Andersson.

Bilder från spelningen i Kalmar 17:e Mars



Tack vare en fotograf vid namn Olle Sandström kan ni njuta av guldbilder från Torsdagens konsert på:

Lamont förband till The Mo



Det är nu klart att Lamont spelar förband till The Mo på diverse spelningar under våren. Först ut blir Smålands Nation i Lund den 16 mars, samt Kåren i Kalmar den 17 mars.



Äntligen är den officiella Lamont-sajten uppe för användning. Kompletteringar sker inom kort. Enjoy!